昨日は海の日でしたが、海には行かれましたでしょうか( ^ω^ )? 京都で海といえば丹後!!!!電車で2時間、車で1.5時間で行けるんですよ∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!!!これから暑い時期が続きますので、是非行ってみてはいかがですか???
Yesterday was “Marine day”. It’s a public holiday in Japan! Anyways, did you go to sea? Kyoto has sea at TANGO. It takes about 2 hours by train, 1.5 hours by car( ^ω^ )!!!! Now is the best season to go to sea,so you should go there!!!! It should be fun∧( ‘Θ’ )∧




皆さん鵜飼をご存知でしょうか( ^ω^ )?鵜飼とは、鳥の鵜を使って鮎を捕まえる伝統的な釣りの手法です∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!! 1300年もの長い歴史があるんですよ!!!!!!!京都の嵐山で9/23まで行われてるので気になる方は是非見に行ってみてはいかがですか????
Do you know “UKAI”( ^ω^ )? “UKAI” is the traditional fishing way to catch ayu using the trained cormorant∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!! It has about 1300 years history!!!!!! You can watch it at Arashiyama until 9/23!! If you Re interested in it, you should go there!





なごみの輪のかわいいかわいい女性スタッフ(失笑)数人で祇園祭に参加してきました∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!!! 皆さんは参加しましたか( ^ω^ )?? 出店が沢山あってすごく賑わっていますよ(*^^*)!!!! 興味がある方は是非参加してみてはいかがでしょうか!!!!!
Our cute staffs participated Gion festival yesterday∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!!!!! Did you go there? Are you going to join it? There are many street stalls and fun places. If you are interested in it, you should join it( ^ω^ )!!!!!!!!!!!



陶芸体験 pottery experience2017.07.14

I went to the pottery school for making a hand forming ware with my colleague last month! We went to Zuikougama in Higashiyama. The teacher taught us simply and kindly, so we could make each own hand-formed ware! We have an information at our front desk, so please don not hesitate to ask us


着物体験 Kimono experience July 11th2017.07.11

本日の着物体験のお客様です(*^^*)モデルさんのように美しくて、着物がとっても似合っていました。シンガポール出身で、現在は上海に住んでいるそうです。実は私、今度上海に旅行に行く予定なんです!おすすめのバー情報などたくさん教えてもらいました♫ Today’s kimono experience. She looked so beautiful with kimono(*^^*) She is originally from Singapore and now live in Shanghai. Surprisingly, I am going to visit Shanghai this summer for the vacation, so She gave me a lot of nice information about there. Thank you


能楽チャリティ公演 ~Noh Charity Performance~2017.07.10


8月24日木曜日に「能楽チャリティ公演~被災地復興、京都からの祈り~」がロームシアター京都にて行われます( ^ω^ )!!! 入場券(義援金)は1500円で1部、2部それぞれに入場券が必要となります。プラス500円支払えば能をレクチャーして貰えるのだとか∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!興味がおありの方は是非行ってみてはいかがですか?
You can watch a “Noh Charity Performance~prayers from Kyoto for Reconstruction of Japan’s Disaster-affected Regions~ at ROAM Theatre on August 24, Thursday( ^ω^ )!!!!!! Admission tickets are ¥1500 each for part1 and part2. Holders of ticket stubs for part1 and/or part2 can attend the Lecture and Interactive Noh Experience for an additional ¥500∧( ‘Θ’ )∧!!!! If you are interested in it, you should go and join!!!!!


すごい雨です Pouring rain2017.07.09

It’s pouring rain now! And it happened yesterday, and the day before yesterday too. The end of the rainy season will come in about 10 days. I hope it won’t rain on GIon festival days….


お客様よりお土産いただきました!~Souvenirs from our guest!~2017.07.07

有り難いことに、当宿にはリピーターでいらっしゃるお客様もいて、感動の再会を果たすこともあるんですよ…!今日は、スタッフみんなでお菓子パーティーにさせていただきます( ^ω^ )
This is souvenirs from our guest! He stays at Nagomi Ryokan in this season every year.
We really appreciate that some people come to our ryokan again! We are going to hold a snack party today!!



この寒い時期の京都の楽しみ方~Let’s enjoy Kyoto’s events in winter !~2017.01.20


期間 1/28(土)~2/4(土)


It was snow day last weekend and has recently continued cold day in Kyoto. However, we’d like you to know awesome events which can enjoy only in this season. It’s “The snow lantern of Kayabuki village” which is located in Miyama city, Kyoto. This event has been held every winter season. You could enjoy night view decorated with some lanterns of participants’s own making and famous flower lantern which run along in Arashiyama. There are special food courts and traditional house lit up there. Check it out!


Date :January 28th- February 4th


イルミネーション@京都 ~Let’s enjoy the illumination in Kyoto~2016.12.14








Welcome to our staff’s blog. Today we introduce illumination which is the one of the famous one around Kansai area. It’s called “Irumie-ru” which have been held for 5 years in Nantan city, Kyoto. The concept in this year is a combination of “Wa” whichi is Japanese culture and illumination. There is also hot spring nearby, so you could be feeling romantic and warm as well. It’s really great place to enjoy weekend.


Access: JR Sonobe station there are compliment bus from this station to there.

Fee: Adult 1200 yen Children 1000yen

Time: 4:30pm to 9:30pm